Our Story


Nielsen Benefits Group has been supplying superior employee benefits since 1954

“We believe in being a true resource to you to enhance the entire employee and human resources experience. We help you manage your number 1 asset – your people.”

Nielsen Benefits Group is a privately held and growing benefits consulting firm in California. We have a 95% client retention rate we are proud of this success due to our stance of being a “service first” organization.

We represent clients with locations all over the greater United States and have the resources to deploy that are even more far reaching.

Nielsen Benefits Group employs the finest of seasoned professionals, each with decades of employee benefits experience including;

  • Overall Plan Consultation
  • Day to Day Service
  • Human Resources Technology
  • Benefits Communication
  • Retirement Plan Consultation
  • Claims Management
  • Self-Funding and all other funding arrangements

Our expertise in all funding arrangements allow us to fully develop solutions that make sense for your organization’s strategy and your bottom line.